Who are VittlesCBD?

VittlesCBD is a brand qualified in medical cannabis & CBD oil, who distribute CBD infused products that help customers around the world find convenient ways to consume CBD. CBD is short for cannabidiol, a naturally occurring substance, a chemical compound from the Cannabis/Hemp plant. It is non-intoxicating and may have therapeutic benefits. CBD may help aid such things as pain, anxiety and sleep.

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Oils & Tinctures Collection

CBD Infusions RAW Whole Plant CBD Oil
CBDfx Hemp and MCT Oil Tincture 30ml (1500mg)

Why CBD?

CBD is starting to grow a more positive reputation in the UK as more research is being completed into its effects. We are learning that CBD can be beneficial to mental health as well as having therapeutic health benefits. As more research is being completed, the outdated social views and stigmas surrounding CBD are changing. 

VittlesCBD goal is to make CBD more accessible by providing alternative ways for people to be able to consume CBD in a way that suits them. As a brand, it is part of our core beliefs that helping provide information regarding CBD to its customers is very important, as this will keep customers well informed and educated. All our products are natural & plant based, as well as lab tested that comply with UK Laws & Regulations.

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Drinks Collection

CBD drinks are exactly what it says, they are drinks containing CBD. They come in many different types, flavours and concentrations. CBD drinks are another alternative way to consume CBD to get your daily dose, some people find them a easier way to get CBD into their daily routine.

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Tablets Collection

CBD tablets and capsules contain CBD concentrates, extracts or isolates depending on the product. Sometimes infused with coconut oil, MCT oil, hemp oil or olive oil, some CBD tablets also have CBD directly in the product with out the oil carrier.

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Cosmetics Collection

CBD balms and cosmetics are topical products like balms, moisturisers, bath bombs, waxes, creams, water based solutions and many other cosmetic products that are infused with CBD, that are normally applied directly to the localised point that needs aid, this makes them great for people on the go or at home.

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